Thursday, January 23, 2014

Our Love Soup

Our Love Soup was such a hit! Well, as you know, any thing that makes a mess turns out to be a hit around here!! :)

I saw Fun at Home with Kids' Valentine Soup and couldn't wait to throw foam hearts in some water and let the kiddos play! I love her ideas, they are always so practical and so easy to put together. Water play isn't new to us but a BIG bin of water is and boy, did it add a new dimension of fun!!! 

One of my bribes for nap time today (yep, I know, I'm not too proud of it but it works :)) was that I'd have Love Soup ready for play after they woke.  I'm not sure they knew exactly what I was talking about but they sure were excited and more importantly, it worked! They non-reluctantly napped away, yay!! So I took advantage and prepped...
I also came across the idea of using a hot glue to create invisible letters and took this opportunity to give it a try...
I just peeled them right off the parchment paper and added 'em to our Love Soup! Can't you just feel the love??? :) 
Ok, ok I can't keep these precious pictures from you any longer! They had so much fun! 
Of course Mikey, my letter loving boy, was drawn to the letters! When he found one, he'd get so excited and show me right away!

Here he's showing me "V" and saying "V.../v/, /v/, /v/, VACATION!"
I thought they'd be WAY more interested in the really cool invisible letters :/ but they weren't.  Haha and that's ok! 

Mikey was excited to have "caught" some hearts...

Gabriella really enjoyed using the basters to fill containers...
Her and Mikey worked together quite a bit, I loved it! 
Their excitement heightened when they started using the bottle dispensers...
Gabriella even gave it a try standing :) Oh my! 

Josiah, oh my goodness, was just so hard to keep my eyes off of!!! Besides the fact that I had to constantly watch him to keep him from crawling IN the bin, he was just sooooo stinkin cute! He had soooo much fun!! 

He splashed...

And reeeeeached...

And looked...

And poured...

He really acted like he knew exactly what he was doing! LOL! 

It wasn't until I took the next picture that I realized the addition to his attire! I was so tickled, I laughed and laughed and laughed! 

With all the splashing he was doing I truly thought he had done it himself  but Gabriella's giggle gave it away! I just had to add my own touch! What do you think????
He never even realized it was there :)! 
It's 100% true...such a bundle of love!

Oh my heart was full! The pink water wasn't what mattered, what was in the water didn't matter, the mess they made didn't even matter...but rather, the smiles on their faces, the memories they made and the love they filled my heart with is what really mattered. 

I love these three! 

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