Friday, January 10, 2014

Our DIY Dressing Frame: Bow Tying

I'm soooo proud of my Little Butterfly Love Bug for mastering her first set of tying bows!
Bow tying is a skill we've tried and abandoned quite a few times in the past year. We'd attempt it but if frustration arose we'd simply commit to trying again later. And really, there is no reason for her needing to know how to do this right now. She only has one pair of shoes that lace and they're purple so are not even worn often! ;) Mastering this skill is really just for fun and for the thrill of learning something new! 

(Just a little side note if you're curious like I was...based on Internet research, first attempts at tying bows start around 4 to 5 years of age and mastery may not occur until 6 to 7 years of age.) 

I recently stumbled across a video that introduced me to Montessori Dressing Frames and I immediately fell in love! I want them ALL! (aannnd the cute lil stand to put 'em all in :)) 

Since that's just not feasible my brain went to work thinking about how I could make something similar and functional. Woodwork and sewing isn't really an option for me but a makeshift from cardboard boxes?!?! Oh yes! I knew saving all those random Christmas boxes would come in handy somehow! 

Materials we used for our DIY Bow Tying Frame:

Empty box
Box cutter 
Hole puncher 
Lacing string 

We borrowed the string from the lacing  activity below. 

And that's it! It literally took me maybe 10 minutes to gather the materials and create it! Then, after modeling and working together for another 10 minutes, she had it! Her first bow! I'm not sure who was more excited, her or I. 

It is truly an added bonus that our DIY frame is a box.  Gabriella has titled it her "Extra Special Secret Tying Box" in which she stores "special girly things"! Oh I love my girly-girl!

I realize my Willow Tree Figures should not be a child's toy but Gabriella is just in awe at the moment with how special they are just because they're mine. She is fascinated with anything she thinks is from my childhood, especially anything fragile that needs to be handled with extra care. (Big {hug} to my special sister that gifted me with this one.) 

She really is just as delightful as it sounds! Well, at least to this momma she is! :)

I expect it won't be long before little Mikey ends up stepping on our special box. I'd love for it to last forever but for now it's served it's purpose and for that I am grateful. I'm sure Gabriella and I will eventually recover from the pain of loosing it. :) Nonetheless, It will be exciting to create a new one for Mikey when he's ready. As for the other Dressing Frames??? Mmm...I'll work on figuring them out too. :)
Here's a little snippet of her working away. I LOVE her self talk! Her focus impressed me considering the flying distractions. Haha! 
Mommy's so proud of you big girl! 


  1. Love this!! I was just thinking about you and when we would see a new post :)