Friday, November 8, 2013

Tree Leaf Collage

A visit to our favorite park in town turned out to be an opportunity to collect valuable materials for some really beautiful fall crafts! 

It just happens that the kiddos' favorite playground is surrounded with the most beautiful trees. In fact the largest of all shades every bit of the play equipment as it spreads its beautiful mature branches right overhead. {sigh!} Have I mentioned how much I LOVE fall? :) Anytime we are close to that playground they don't have to ask more than once to go! It is most definitely one of my "happy places." 

We spent the latter of our park visit crawling all over the leaf covered ground picking up, what felt like, hundreds of leaves and acorns. Every time the wind would gust it felt as though we were being showered with autumn's raindrops... what a memory! 

I can't get over how beautiful our Tree Leaf Collage turned out. I know the vibrant reds, yellows, and oranges won't stay for long but they are breathtaking while they last. My sugar and I even had a great discussion about the life span of the leaf once it has fallen to the ground. We talked about the brown crunchy leaves opposed to the bendable/flexable, colorful leaves. She decided the darkest brown leaf should be glued to the "ground" of our collage. 

It turned out perfect, I couldn't love it more! 

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